Price Improvement

FX Stream Price Improvement Technology gives you the edge Price Improvement Technology is designed to provide clients with a competitive market edge. Sourcing the best prices from the liquidity pool, FX Stream’s price improvement system is able to ensure the best execution price possible on each trade.

Our systems have the capability to review a huge number of trades and trade data on a second by second basis.

How Does Price Improvement Technology Help?

Here is an example:

If the bid price on AUDUSD is .9035 when you click to execute a sell order, but then in the next millisecond, the price improves to .9036 (one pip improvement), your trade will be executed at the improved price of .9036, which gives you an advantage over other forex traders.

Trade Smarter

In a fast market with high volatility, FX Stream’s technology gives you optimal pricing.
Experience the power of FX Stream price improvement technology on your MT4 today.